Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workshops

Intensive programs that help participants develop a disciplined mindset and learn a proven process for scaling a startup, based on the Disciplined Entrepreneurship books by Bill Aulet.

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The Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a 24-step intensive process created at MIT that can deliver added value to your startup cohort. Our workshops help participants develop a disciplined mindset and learn a proven process for scaling a startup.

Introduction to Disciplined Entrepreneurship

2 days workshop for accelerators, companies & universities

The Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workshops are designed for corporate teams, accelerators or universities. It is the starting point for adopting this metholodogy and provides core training on how to implement it into internal programs and day to day operations. It is focused on giving participants insights in the main topics:

  • Understand the 24 Steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship
  • Learn how to apply the methodology
  • Discover how to use the tools

Disciplined Accelerator

5 days engagement including workshops and consulting

Designed for corporate accelerators or innovation teams, this program helps the participants work out internal processes and challenges of outsourcing innovation. It is focused on the main topics that keep innovation teams up at night:

  • How to define your accelerator goals
  • Startup sourcing and diligence
  • Setting the right metrics
  • Tools for managing the acceleration process
  • Participation of corporate stakeholders and more…

Used by over 20,000 founders, investors, businesses, and universities.

The Trainers

Marius Ursache

Founder & Trainer

Marius is an MIT teaching fellow and coach, experienced entrepreneur, designer, and innovation consultant. Together with Bill Aulet, he created the Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox after the book was first published. He is also the founder & CEO of Eternime, an Artificial Intelligence startup.

Vlad Bodi

Co-founder & Trainer

Vlad is an alumnus of the MIT entrepreneurship program in Romania, serial entrepreneur and marketing consultant. He has founded two software development companies, one of which was focused on financial software and markets. He is also the founder of Hppy, a company culture and engagement online publication.

Hear from our participants

We're really happy to have 6 teams selected for the accelerator program. The judges were quite impressed with the pitches. This has a lot to do with the training you guys did and the wonderful advice given! So thanks for that!

Wishanth Wijesinha, Head of John Keells X Startup Accelerator

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We can help you learn how to apply the Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework in your programs or how to better organize your accelerator so that you get the results you want.