Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer

We are looking for someone who is not only a good engineer. Someone who wants to learn more about tech innovations, AI, and blockchain. Someone who wants to experiment with new approaches and who feels more comfortable in a small and productive team than in a corporation.

Position: full time. Level: mid. Location: Iași, Romania.

Here’s what you will be doing:

You’re going to work with other experienced people (MIT, Singularity University), with external developers, to build Metabeta, a platform that will change the startup investment industry (or not, but what the heck, the journey will be worth and exciting).

You will:

  • Be involved from the start in the product strategy and design, and in taking the right tech decisions.
  • Build a great client and user experience using ES6, Vue.js, Sass, and Pug (formerly Jade).
  • Develop, and maintain an API-first platform with many modules, built using Node.js.
  • Optimize database schema, queries, and caching.
  • Participate in other projects we work on (Eternime, DE Toolbox)

Don’t apply unless you have

  • At least 2 years of JavaScript development experience (Node, ES6). React, Vue.js, Express and other frameworks are a plus. If not, don’t worry, you’ll learn.
  • Practical experience building and consuming RESTful APIs (or GraphQL if you are truly a Jedi), MySQL (table design, complex query creation, best practices) and ideally NoSQL.
  • Good knowledge of SOLID (object-oriented design), object-relational mapping, and SOA (Service-oriented architecture).
  • Fundamental understanding of testing (including stubbing, functional, unit, and e2e), some experience using CI/CD tools and systems such as Jenkins, Hudson, GitLab, Bitbucket pipelines, etc.
  • Passion for experimentation and a hidden wish to build SciFi tech.


  • Salary (we’re a startup but don’t pay in beans, unless you really insist).
  • Freshly roasted coffee (our CEO was a barista).
  • No ping-pong table, no gym subscription, no HR department, no bullshit. We have three cats with five eyes which is even better.
  • Unlimited vacation & remote work.
  • A chance to do something that matter (we hope you know what to do with that).

OK, now you can apply: