Performance Marketing Junior

We're looking for someone passionate about marketing, growth hacking, SEO and other sexy buzzwords. Someone who wants to learn more than we know and do more than we can. Someone obsessed with becoming better at it every day.

Position: full time. Level: entry. Location: Iași, Romania.

Here’s what you will be doing:

In time (don’t panic!)

  • Marketing operations: implement the tactics from our strategy plan on various channels (social, email, SEO, SEM and content marketing); contribute to developing new strategies, researching and experimenting with new marketing channels.
  • Content marketing: research distribution channels and backlinking; edit, publish and distribute the content we produce (so HTML/CSS basic knowledge is a plus).
  • SEO & SEM: build and maintain a database of keywords for SEO and SEM purposes; maintain and improve consistency across marketing message between channels; implement basic SEM campaigns.
  • Social media marketing: research and maintain a social media curation backlog; create and publish social media posts and campaigns;
  • Email marketing: create, send and track results for email newsletter campaigns; maintain & improve email transactional communication; build email automation campaigns.
  • Growth hacking: review behavioral metrics and customer feedback to understand what tactics to use to grow customer acquisition, retention, virality and more, by applying state-of-the-art methods.
  • Monitoring & analysis: track, measure, compile and analyze data from different campaigns; update marketing metrics and come up with new approaches for improvement.

Don’t apply unless

  • You speak and write flawless English.
  • You want to learn new things and experiment your whole life (and after, as one of the first Eternime avatars) with stuff like analytics platforms, social media, growth hacking, digital ads, inbound marketing and whatever else will be invented during your lifetime.
  • You know how to use Google Docs and Sheets.
  • You are 100% sure that HTML is not an abbreviation for Hotmail (btw, do you know what Hotmail is?)
  • You are interested in startups and entrepreneurship.
  • You are not allergic to cats or freshly roasted coffee.

OK, now you can apply: