Understand your cohorts

Use the Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox as a cohort tracking tool throughout the program or as a startup selection tool. As founders update their status, you can follow their progress and decide which projects are worth more attention.

    Used by over 20,000 founders, investors, businesses, and universities.

    Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a 24-step intensive process that will help you track easier startup cohorts, understand how they are executing, and find opportunities to help them grow faster.

    Invite founders and support teams: Assign staff members and specific mentors to individual projects based on their market and original idea.

    Monitor execution: As the startups follow the Disciplined Entrepreneurship process and move their idea forward, your team and mentors can monitor their progress in real-time and decide which of the founders have the startup DNA you are looking for.


    The startup journey

    Create your cohorts and invite startup founders from your central account to set-up their business idea and begin the 24-steps journey towards becoming disciplined entrepreneurs. Asses each idea and, based on their market, assign staff members or specific mentors to individual projects, in order to advise and consult along the way.

    As soon as they set-up their first project, every startup founder has access to a list of Disciplined Entrepreneurship steps that they need to complete. Following the checklists provided will help them create a clearer and more complete definition of their startup. Each step comes with a set of instructions and explanations in order to better understand the tasks at hand.

    Track the progress in real time and easily identify the bottlenecks for each startup. That way you can provide support at a granular level and help them move forward with their idea.

    Once the startup teams complete their assignments, invite investors that can assess and review your top teams, and select the ones that have the most potential or eligibility for investing in them. You can use this as a pre-acceleration filter for selection or for follow-up investment decisions.

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    We can help you learn how to apply the Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework in your programs or how to better organize your accelerator so that you get the results you want.