About us

The team

Professionals working with startups for the past 10 years. We are passionate about business, design and technology. We are coffee-based life forms.

The experience

We work with MIT, Techstars, Singularity University, other universities, startup accelerators, and incubators to train new cohorts and help them build better products and services.

The passion

We love startups. Between us, we have founded and worked on 8 startups in different industries, trying every strategy in the book and getting wiser with each strategy shift.

Who we are

Marius Ursache

Founder & Trainer

Marius is an MIT teaching fellow and coach, experienced entrepreneur, designer and innovation consultant. Together with Bill Aulet, he created the Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox after the book was first published. He is also the founder & CEO of Eternime, an Artificial Intelligence startup, and Metabeta, an accelerator management platform.

Marius loves tackling tough problems and projects, when he’s not away, traveling to remote tribal areas.

Vlad Bodi

Co-founder & Trainer

Vlad is an alumnus of the MIT entrepreneurship program in Romania, serial entrepreneur and marketing consultant. He has founded two software development companies, one which was focused on financial software and markets. He is also the founder of Hppy, a company culture and engagement online publication, and Metabeta, an accelerator management platform.

Like everyone on the team, he’s a coffee addict and loves to travel (mostly to warm-temperature areas).