Entrepreneurship can be taught

The Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox helps you run successful entrepreneurship courses by providing your students with a simple checklist. Think of it as a collaborative startup building environment, ideal for entrepreneurship classes.

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Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a 24-step intensive process created at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by Bill Aulet. It is a real-world methodology that will help your students learn how to be business-minded entrepreneurs.

Add student teams: Break down your class into teams and create a project for each one.

Invite mentors: For each team, you can invite specific mentors based on the project idea.

Complete assignments: Provide your students with a tool where they can follow a simple task list for their idea development.

Collaborate: Have discussions at step-level to provide feedback or help students with the assignments.

Track team progress: Each student team has its own project dashboard that shows progress in real-time.

Select the best teams: Find the best teams based on tracked progress and feedback from mentors.

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We can help you learn how to apply the Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework in your programs or how to better organize your accelerator so that you get the results you want.