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Use the Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox as an innovation tracking tool for your corporate projects. As your teams update their status, you can follow their progress and decide which projects are worth pursuing.

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Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a 24-step intensive process that applies to intrapreneurship as well as entrepreneurship. It will help your company innovate in a more disciplined manner, saving you months of incertitude and keeping your teams accountable.

Create projects: Easily manage several innovation projects at the same time from a central account.

Invite key stakeholders: Invite your teams and assign roles based on their involvement with the project.

Research and execute: Follow a proven process to move your organization projects forward, the same way a startup would.

Export and print: Easily export and print your data for corporate meetings and reviews.

Track project progress: Review the progress made by each team in the project dashboard.

Track your portfolio: See your innovation projects at a glance in the account main dashboard.

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