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The Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox helps you build a healthy startup by following a simple checklist that covers all you need to know. Think of it as a predefined task list for entrepreneurs.

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Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a 24-step intensive process that will help your startup to become successful, saving you months of incertitude.

Add your startup: Create your startup profile and define your strengths and weaknesses.

Invite your team: Add your cofounders, team members or mentors to collaborate as you develop your idea.

Know what comes next: Follow the framework step-by-step and work on a to-do list that helps you stay focused.

Execute faster: Move your team’s execution into overdrive by knowing exactly what to work on and when.

Track progress: Monitor your progress and keep a structured backlog of your startup key information. You can also export your data.

Invite your investors: Add your investors and advisors so that they can easily understand the core of your startup.

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