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Our Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workshops are designed as intensive programs that help participants develop a disciplined mindset and learn a proven process for scaling a startup.

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Learn how to apply the Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework and toolbox for your portfolio of startups, corporate innovation projects, or academic entrepreneurship programs.

We assist participants through the 24 steps of the startup journey, explain the elements of the methodology then help participants understand the toolbox and use them efficiently.

The methodology

Disciplined Entrepreneurship is complementary and works well with Lean StartupBusiness Model Canvas, and Agile Product Management—but it goes into more specific details about your customers, product, and financials.  The development of your startup is split into 24 manageable steps, from finding the right beachhead market to pricing your product and creating a growth plan.

The books

The two books are very important pillars in understanding the methodology and how to apply it. The first Disciplined Entrepreneurship book introduces the 24 steps and has many case studies to illustrate its practicality. The second book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook introduces the DE24 Canvas and goes into detail on how to use the worksheets to go through the process.

The toolbox

The workshops are designed to offer you a clear path from idea or prototype stage to a viable product that generates revenue and is ready for entering the growth stage. You will also have access to all the tools on and more templates for entrepreneurs—TAM calculators, persona templates, business model diagrams, unit economics and financial projection spreadsheets and more.

Our programs

During our programs, each participant learns to apply the basics of Disciplined Entrepreneurship to their startup. We also offer personalized advice and mentoring after the workshops, supporting participants in acquiring more know-how and increasing their understanding of the Disciplined Entrepreneurship process.

Personalized Webinars

1 hour webinar with your team, cohort or students

During one or multiple hour-long virtual sessions, we walk you and your teams through one of the steps and help you better understand and apply elements of the Disciplined Entrepreneurship approach:

  • How to define the end user problem correctly
  • How to select your beachhead market
  • Calculating the Total Addressable Market
  • and more…

Introduction to Disciplined Entrepreneurship

2 days workshop for accelerators, companies & universities

The Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workshops are designed for corporate teams, accelerators or universities. It is the starting point for adopting this metholodogy and provides core training on how to implement it into internal programs and day to day operations. It is focused on giving participants insights in the main topics:

  • Understand the 24 Steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship
  • Learn how to apply the methodology
  • Discover how to use the tools

Disciplined Accelerator

5 days engagement including workshops and consulting

Designed for corporate accelerators or innovation teams, this program helps the participants work out internal processes and challenges of outsourcing innovation. It is focused on the main topics that keep innovation teams up at night:

  • How to define your accelerator goals
  • Startup sourcing and diligence
  • Setting the right metrics
  • Tools for managing the acceleration process
  • Participation of corporate stakeholders and more…


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We can help you and your teams get a better grip of Disciplined Entrepreneurship and other key startup frameworks.