A Better Equipped Toolbox

One of the main things we try to teach (and learn ourselves), is that there is no “one recipe” for success and that in order to grow, you must keep a close eye on the needs of the users and improve your product accordingly. Which is why, earlier this year, we launched three new key features that help educators guide startups in the right direction.

Building a Bulletproof Startup: Business Model Canvas vs Lean Startup vs Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Startups are anything but traditional businesses. That is why we’ve looked at various methodologies and frameworks, analyzed and compared them and found out the definite answer on which one is the best approach if you want to build a startup.

Redefining Entrepreneurship: Five Questions

Starting with Grapefruit and finishing up with Metabeta, Marius Ursache is nowhere near settling down to a regular job. Being an entrepreneur is a passion for him, and that is why he likes to share his thoughts on the matter at MIT where he is a Mentor and Teaching Fellow.

The Best Fundraising Option for Disciplined Entrepreneurs

Being a representation of what your product will be when it is finally developed based on what you know at this point in the process, the High-Level Product Specification has multiple benefits, most notably getting customer funding.

How to Create A Persona and an End-User for Your Startup

How to Create a Persona and an End User for Your Startup

I know from personal experience how tempting it can be to skip over or rush through defining your end user and persona because you’re eager to finally develop the tech and change the world. With the risk of sounding like a broken record: don’t do it. Take the necessary time to do it properly.

The Problem Statement Canvas for Innovators and Founders

The Problem Statement Canvas for Startups and Innovation Teams

The real talent in all entrepreneurship—not only in tech startups—is finding the right problem, not building the right solution. In other words, it is vital to have the skills of Sherlock Holmes, not only those of Doc Brown. Discover our problem statement canvas for startups and innovation teams.